Japan SUZU Kiln Re-construction from Earthquake is Ongoing (Sep 2023)


Takashi Shinohara's kiln was destroyed in the earthquake that struck Suzu in May of this year.

With the support of many people, he started rebuilding the kiln. Removed and cleaned each bricks of the damaged kiln first over a month. The re-construction work that started in August has been reached this much so far (photo) .

The wooden frame for the ceiling has been completed, and today we will start laying the bricks for the ceiling arch. This kiln has a new design and structure.

He would like to make his kiln reconstruction work even more meaningful. Takashi Shinohara gathered young potters who would like to their own kilns from all over the country, and gave them instructions on how to build them, and working together.

The kiln brings valuable experiences and beautiful works in the future.

Thank you for your support and attention to Suzu pottery artists.

Shinohara Takashi Page

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