Reiko Teapot in Asuka, the most luxurious cruise ship in Japan

Reiko's  (Koie Hiroshi) teapots are being exhibited in the most luxurious cruise ship in Japan.


Asuka's company, Nihon Yusen’s message as follows.

<Providing Inspiring Experience>

Japanese traditional culture.
Asuka Cruises has collaborated with the Japan Crafts Association, an organization of traditional craft artists led by holders of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (living national treasures).

The works of these artists, including living national treasures, are displayed on board the Asuka II. Passengers can view the works up close and personal.

The creation of a place where guests can encounter supreme beauty will lead to the inheritance and development of traditional Japanese culture.

Asuka Cruises will continue to provide the kind of moving experience that only Asuka Cruises can offer.

Reiko Page in Asuka

Reiko Teapot Page in SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP

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