Spring Tea Party at Embassy in Tokyo


Shiha participated in the Spring Equinox Tea Party at the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo on March 20, 2024, as a tea guide.

It was also to celebrate International Women's Day.
Mrs. Yuko Kishida, Mr. Yukio Hatoyama and other Japanese Diet members, as well as female ambassadors of various countries, about 300 people attended the reception. 

Photo: Dafu News

Chinese tea were served to them.

Four kinds of Chinese teas were served to the guests. Those tea were selected becuase of good for health in spring time.

  • Aged White tea (Bai Mu Dan) from 2014
  • Fresh Green Tea ( Long Jing ) from 2024
  • Pot Milk Tea with rose and chrysanthemum (Trend Tea in China)
  • Liver & Eye Care Tea (Based on Chinese Traditional Medicine)

White tea team - Four members made tea at the table and served tea to over 200 guests. Shiha was in charge of White Tea Guide - explaining it in Japanese. 

White tea has a flowery aroma and gentle sweetness without bitterness, and aged white tea often has richer taste with aroma of chinese dates (枣香). 

In China, the number of people drinking white tea has increased dramatically over the past 10 years in anticipation of its antioxidant properties and immunity-boosting properties. Aged white tea is often boiled after brewing several times in a teapot.

Our brewing method for the aged white tea (2014 Baimudan)  were : boiled brew and bottle steam brew. They are old style and the newest style in China (Trend). And cups were disposable plant fiber cups considering hygiene and environment.

Many guest wanted another cups of the white tea ☘️👍It made us happy😊

Mrs. Kishida, the Prime Minister's wife also enjoyed a cup of tea🎀

Photo: DaifuNews

YouTube (Dafu News)

We share photos from the tea party.

All Teams

White Tea Table Setting (Boil/Stew 煮茶 & Bottle Steam 闷泡)

Pot Milk Tea (罐罐奶茶)

Pot Milk Tea (罐罐奶茶
Smoked Lapsang Souchong with Milk and other herbs good for your body and mind.


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