3rd Massive Earthquake hit SUZU and destroyed the Kiln Again



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We have been delivered the beautiful works of Suzuyaki Artist - Shinohara Takashi to many customers in the world.

This is previous news from last earthquake, under reconstruction of Suzuyaki kiln.

Earthquake hit SUZU at Noto Peninsula 

A massive Earthquake hit SUZU at Noto peninsula of Japan again on January 1st of 2024.

Tragically, Shinohara Takashi's newly kiln collapsed due to the earthquake.

The kiln had just been rebuilt from the collapse in 2023 November from the previous earthquake (occured in May 2023). 

Shinohara Takashi is rising once again.

Suzuyaki, originally produced in the Suzu area at tip of Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture from the mid-12th to the 15th century.

However Suzuyaki suddenly disappeared in the late 15th century.

Forgotten for years, it was revived about 40 years ago in 1979 by the effort of pottery artists and researchers of the time. In order to pass on this resurrected Suzuyaki to the next generation, Shinohara is determined to stand up again.

Video of Medieval Suzu ware (YouTube)

Works of Shinohara Takashi / About Suzuyaki (Suzu Ware)

What is Suzuyaki? (English)

Shinohara Takashi Works (Shiha Tea & Comfort Articles)

Shinohara Takashi Page (Online Shop)

■ Shinohara Takashi Teapot (YouTube)

Repeated Earthquakes and Recovery 2022-2024

2022 June 19 (1st Earthquake)

Shinohara Takashi's kiln was damaged and he took two months to repair the kiln.

2023 May 5  (2nd Earthquake )

His kiln was collapsed and he decided to rebuild the kiln from scratch.

YouTube News  Shinohara Takashi Kiln

2023 June - Aug, Reconstruction of the kiln

YouTube News Reconstruction Work

2023 Sep-Nov, Rebuilding of the kiln

2023 Nov, Kiln reconstruction completed

2024 Jan 1 (3rd Earthquake)

A massive earthquake devastated the newly rebuilt kiln. 

Shinohara Takashi decided to rise again.

Quate of the Article:

4:25 p.m. the hands of the wall clock in the workshop remained the same as they were immediately after the earthquake. The bricks of the kiln crumbled miserably. 

However, "We cannot let Suzu-yaki, which was restored by our predecessors, be lost.”  Shinohara Takashi is trying to move the time forward that has stopped on the day.

Support and Donation for Suzu City and SUZU Pottery Artist

Your consideration and support for Shinohara Takashi, the Suzuyaki artist, are sincerely appreciated. Your contribution will greatly assist and uplift him.

Below is information regarding donations, addressed to Mr. Shinohara and to SUZU City.

Thank you very much.

■ For Suzu City (Ishikawa, Japan)

Please visit the following Suzu City Page. Bank Information is available in English.


■ For Mr.Shinohara Takashi (Ishikawa, Japan)

How to : Direct Bank Transfer

1. Bank Information (From Japan)

(普) 4076402
名義 篠原敬(シノハラ タカシ)
Name of  Bank:The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Name of Branch: Suzu Branch 
Account Number: 4076402
Beneficiary’s Name: Shinohara Takashi   

2. Bank Information (From Oversea)

Name of  Bank:The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Name of Branch: Suzu Branch 
Account Number: 324-4076402
Beneficiary’s Name: Shinohara Takashi
Beneficiary’s Address: 41-2 SUTTA WAKAYAMA-MACHI SUZU-SHI ISHIKAWA 927-1233 JAPAN

We appreciate your understanding that it is difficult for Mr. Shinohara now in his situation to send you thank you message individually for your support.

(His house has also been damaged, and the whole town has been damaged. )

Thank you very much for thinking.

Earthquake News in Official Media

 JAPAN TIMES - Noto Peninsula Earthquake

 Jan 17, 2024 Suzuyaki artist’s ordeal of standing up three times to protect Suzu pottery, though “I came here with little by little with hope
English Auto Translation Version
https://newsdig.tbs.co.jp/articles/-/946564 (Japanese/Original)

 Jan 19, 2024 Even for the Third Time, Vow to Rise Again, Suzuyaki Shionohara who had damage in 2022 and 2023
English Auto Translation Version
https://www.hokkoku.co.jp/articles/-/1293915 (Japanese/Original)

 Jan 26, 2024 Fighting a Series of Earthquakes: Kilns and Works Destroyed for the Third Consecutive Year – Traditional Craftsman, Suzu Pottery Artisans
English Auto Translation Version
https://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2024012500765 (Japanese/Original)

 ◆ Jan 29,2024  Suzu Ware Studio "Cannot Quit," Determined to Rebuild
English Auto Translation Version
Summary: Mr. Shinohara's kiln, which was damaged by the earthquakes of last year and the year before, was rebuilt with the help of volunteers and was scheduled to begin operations again in January 2024.

"After the earthquake, I felt depressed and couldn't clean the damaged studio. After the last earthquake, I thought about closing the studio, but this time I am thinking, This can't be the end, we must not let the fire of the Suzuyaki production method die out, and I cannot stop." he said. 


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