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Customer Message from America

Thank you so much for the teapot, it’s incredible,  and the shipping was very fast! The message&photo are also posted in our website. Yamada Sou Page


Customer Message from Taiwan

今天收到了。馬的嘴顏色有好的表現,奔跑的樣子很棒。I received it today. The color of the horse's mouth is expressed very well, and horse is very lively expressed.  龍跟虎的素刻完美。老師的刻字效果很好~老師理解我為什麼要刻龍跟虎,所以刻字有表現出來。 The carving of dragon and tiger are perfect. The master's lettering is very well - the contents shows the master understands why I need to carve dragons and tigers. 軍配也刻的很棒。麻煩轉告老師~我很滿意,謝謝。 The leader’s fan is also great. Hope you send my message to the master. I am so satisfied. Thank you very much. Artist KODO page


Customer Message from Italy

Yesterday I received the teapot... it’s looks really precious 😍 I used it today for the first time brewing a special vintage gyokuro. Thank you. Houhin, Shiboridashi Page Artist Yoshiki Page