[Earthquake Hits Suzu city] Great damage to Suzu ware (Suzu-yai)


Video News : Great damage to Suzu ware, a traditional craft of Suzu City 

( NHK NEWS June 24, 19:23  - Auto Translated)

There was a very big earthquake hit Suzu city of Ishikwa prefecture on June 19 202. And more earthquake is expected in Suzu area.

Artists of Suzu Pottery suffered great damage on their works by the earthquake.

SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP introduce works of Takashi Shinohara.

Many customers purchased his works. We are sharing this news with Mr. Shinohara's fans in the hope that knowing of the current situation and support the recovery in your heart.

Mr. Takashi Shinohara is the chairman of the Suzu Ware Artists Association and plans to investigate the damage of all the artists and work on making reconstruction plan.


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