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Amazing Porcelain Artist. - Kato Seisho (From England)
The Water Flow is Great and Clean - Reiko/Koie Hiroshi (From Slovakia)
They are Nice and Amazing - Kato Seisho (From England)
Teapot Brought Up Best Flavor of Tea - Junzo (From US)
Love the Different Structures on Surface- Isezaki Sou (From Germany)
Very Strong Zen Feeling - Shinohara Takashi (From US)
All the pieces have been excellent - Koshin & Shinohara Takashi  (From Singapore)
Making The Tea Experience More Enjoyable - Kato On Tea Set (From Singapore)
So Beautiful and Elegant - Yamada Sou Teapot (From US)
Brings more aesthetic emotions to a tea time - Kenji Kiln (From Singapore)
Extremely Well Made, True Piece of Art - Shoryu Teapot (From US)
Final Drops of The Tea Only Builds Anticipation - Jinshu Teapot (From Australia)