Shinohara Takashi SUZU-yaki 2023 Large Items - Wood-Fired Black Pottery


We introduce Shinohara Takashi SUZU-yaki 2023 new large Items

These items are available for order at SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP.

Those are new works of Shinohara Takashi made in January 2023. 

Prices are for reference only. Estimates will be provided based on destination country and city. Only one piece for each item is available.

1 Flower Vase
(Reference 98,000JPY)

2 Large Vase 
(Reference 195,000 JPY)

Large Pot
(Reference 173,000 JPY)

4 Flowing Glaze Vase
(Reference 250,000 JPY)

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Shinohara Takashi's kiln was damaged due to earthquake in June 2022, he re-built a kiln in autumn in 2022 and succeeded producing beautiful works with the new kiln in 2023.


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