How Tradition and Beauty Maintained for 400 Years 【Takatori Hassen Kiln】


Takatori ware (Takatori-yaki) is a pottery originating from the tea ceremony in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. It began about 400 years ago and has continued to the present day.

It flourished as the official kiln of the Kuroda clan during the Edo period. Under the guidance of Kobori Enshu, a tea master of the time, tea ware for the tea ceremony were created. (At that time, tea ware used by high-class people of power and warriors).

It was made according to the concept of beauty called ”Kirei-Sabi” which is Kobori Enshu's aesthetics.

Kirei-Sabi simply means beauty, richness and harmony added to Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic. 

Takatori ware is characterized by brownish glaze and milky white glaze is applied. The body of the tea ware is often thin and graceful.

Takatori Yuko was born in the 400-year-old Hassen Kiln, where her grandfather was the 13th generation and her father the 14th.

Born into a kiln that has preserved its traditions, her works have a new beauty in the deep tradition.

The tradition and the beauty are passed to generation to generation and maintained within the family.

Yuko's older brother will be Hassen of 15th. Yuko will also keep the Takatori Yaki beauty and tradition and pursue her own expression of "Takatori" and "Kirei Sabi" through her life as ceramic artist.



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