Suzuyaki Shinohara Takashi Kiln Reconstruction from Earhquake (Video news)


(Photos in this page are from Ishikawa Television )

We would like to inform you all the current status of Suzuyaki artist Shinohara Takashi Kiln Reconstruction as of end of June, 2023

The demolition work of the kiln has been completed for the reconstruction of the kiln. 2500 bricks of the kiln have been removed. Shinohara's friend, an actress, Ms. Tokiwa Takako also participated in the work.

(The link below is a video of the work.) Reconstruction of the kiln will start soon.

Suzuyaki Artist Shinohara Takashi Kiln Recovery Status (Video news) (Ishikawa Television)

Last news (About Earthquake) 
Earthquake Destroyed SUZU Kiln Again in MAY 2023 珠洲焼 篠原敬

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