Japanese cup in Germany (Shinohara Takashi)


Wood Fired SUZU-YAKI Black & Ash Cup Shinohara Takashi 

(Customer Message)

I just couldn’t resist the beauty. I thought about the cup a lot and I just had to buy it. The natural, simple beauty, the moss-like glazing from the pine ash on the black surface was just too stunning. I love the withered architecture of old Shinto and Buddhist temples in Japan, the old woodwork, the moss in the forests and on the graves leading to Okunoin on Koyasan.

This great Suzu Yaki cup, created by SHINOHARA TAKASHI 篠原敬 reminds me of the mystic, withered natural beauty of the old Japan.

The cup is quite heavy, but extremely handy and nice to hold. It gets warm the exact moment you pour tea in it. Simply amazing.

Japanese Translation Version is posted at

Artist Shinohara Takashi Page

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