Recommendation - Produce Teapots About 50 Years

Unique, High Quality, High Brewing Performance
You will be happy every time your eyes catch the teapot. 
Shiha Teapot Shop recommendation. 

Artists: REIKO(1955), SHORYU(1945), KOSHIN(1944), HOKUJO(1945) - Produce teapots (Kyusu) about 50 years.

Made in Tokoname Japan - Japan's Teapot town. These artists have about 50 years of teapot production experience. They are potters to create only teapot and teacup. You will experience teapots made with the finest craftsmanship. There were many teapot artist in Tokoname 40-50 years ago, but many of them no longer make teapots. Some are retired and some have passed away. These artists in this collection, who are now between 67 and 78 years old, continue to make teapot for a long time. They have created wonderful pieces that have been loved by many people for a long time. Those teapots are not only used to make tea, but also have great artistic value.