Pure Sandalwood Incense Stick

SHIHA TEAPOT Original Pure Sandalwood Incense Stick 

1 box:
You can order a box of incense only with your tea ware order. 

3 box:
Please place an order in the following page. If you order with tea ware, price will be discounted. https://shihateapot.com/products/sandalwood


 <Ordering Conditions for 1 box>

– Limited to 1 box for safety of tea ware and space in carton box.
– Additional shipping charge may be required. (measure actual total weight with tea ware) usually no additional required.
– In case of no space for the incense in the carton box, we may have to cancel (& refund) the order of the incense box.

SHIHA TEAPOT Original Pure Sandalwood Incense Stick 

Item Page: https://shihateapot.com/products/sandalwood

Only natural ingredient: Sandalwood and a small amount of wood powder to solidify

Time of burning: Approx. 30min (no wind environment)
Length:13.5 ㎝ (5.3in)
Weight : 38g * 1 box
Made in Kyoto, Japan

SHIHA TEAPOT 原創 天然老山白檀 


只使用天然材料:老山白檀, 少量木粉(粘料)
燃焼時間:約三十分鐘 (無風環境)
規格:13.5㎝ / 支
38克 * 1盒