Japanese Teapot in Taiwan (Shunen)

(Customer Message)

今天剛收到,將舜園的植物壺與自己收藏的壺比較了一下~小巧又精緻,銳利的直線構成了方型的壺身,看起來十分的俐落。 壺身四邊半圓的倒角讓手的觸感非常好,用一個手掌就能握住。 整個壺身搭配植物的雕刻表現出淡雅 花與草這些植物給我一種“疾風知勁草”的感覺,面對大風吹動也還能不被吹倒繼續生存。 疾風知勁草

(Translation) I just received the botanic teapot today. I compared the Shunen teapot  with my collection. It is detailed and delicate, and the sharp straight lines form a square-shaped body, which looks very sophisticated.

The semi-circular filleted edge on the four sides of the body feels very good. The teapot can be gripped with one hand. The whole body is carved with plants that shows elegance. Those flowers and grass give me a feeling of “疾風知勁草strong wind tells strong grass”.  Even if strong wind blows, grass stay there and survive without being blown away.   Gust of wind knows strong grass. 


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