China Tea Market "Ma Lian Dao" Walk (Tea Break Blog)

This article is about our shop owner Jicky.

Do you know a huge Tea Leaf Market in Beijing China? 

More than a thousand tea leaf shops are located there.

The market is called "Ma Lian Dao" - Places for tea lovers.

Jicky of SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP JAPAN used be a guide of the market, when she lived in China. (She studied Chinese Tea in China and Japanese Tea in Japan)

Jicky visited quite a number of tea leaf shops in the market and talked shop owners and tasted their teas to understand, and found reliable shops that had high quality tea leaves and special tea leaves with good price.

She, as a guide, brought clients to those shops and explained the Chinese tea shopping custom (how to buy, how to ask tasting etc) and helped them to select good tea leaves.

In Dec 2019, she visited Ma Lian Dao again, to see new teas and walked through the market to feel "changed" and "unchanged". 

Those are photos taken at that time. (Focused on orange peel tea mainly)
Enjoy how tea leaves are sold in the market. 

Most of the shops in Ma Lian Dao do both wholesale and retail.

When you have chance to visit Beijing China, please visit the market. If you have Wechat APP, you will have no language problem. You can enjoy communication with shop owners and get what you would like to get.


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Thank you very much for reading.

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