Japanese Tea Ware in France (Kato Seisho)


[SEISHO KATO Sencha Porcelain Blue & White HOUHIN]

(Customer Message)

I’ve tried the Hohin from Seisho Kato with a Gyokuro from Asahina (Saemidori Cultivar) as well as with a Kukicha from Asamiya (Koshûn Cultivar).

(Customer Message)

I was surprise this Hohin can be use for warmer steeping (in this case 90°) at least for short steeping (here 40s to 1min). The borders protects pretty well from the heat.

All and all the porcelain is perfect to get the most unaltered taste for any tea. I think it’s a good way to try a tea for the first time and then experience it with other clay teapot.

The lid holder is magnificent and I have finally somewhere to put my lid on.

Thank you again for everything, pleasure to shop in your boutique again in the future.

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