Teapots at Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition 2021

Hokujo Mizuno_Yokei Reiko

The 68th Japan Traditional Kogei (Art Crafts) Exhibition was held in Tokyo in September 2021. The following artists' teapots were passed and selected for the exhibition and were exhibited.

  • Reiko (Koie Hiroshi)
  • Yokei (Mizuno Yokei)
  • Hokujo (Shimizu Hokujo) 
  • Shiraiwa Taisuke

 What is this exhibition?

Japan's largest open-call-participants exhibition by the Japan Kogei Association with the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Government of Japan) and others.. It has been held once a year since 1954. The purpose of the exhibition is to protect and nurture Japan's excellent traditional crafts. Selected works after rigorous screening from the 7 categories of ceramics, dyeing and weaving, lacquer arts, metalworking, wood bamboo work, dolls, and various crafts are exhibited. 

Teapots are one of Japan's traditional art craft.


Many of breathtaking crafts were exhibited. 

The following chapter shows 4 teapots.  Please enjoy each master's expression - beauty & harmony. They are simple yet elegant .

Reiko (Koie Hiroshi)

Reiko page

Yokei (Mizono Yokei)

Yokei Page

Hokujo (Shimizu Hokujo)

 Hokujo Page

Shiraiwa Taisuke


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