Japanese Teapot in Taiwan (Shunen)

(Customer Message)

今天收到了。很漂亮又精緻的茶壺,這個茶壺有很高的工匠藝術 散發出不凡的氣質深綠內斂的壺壁上雕刻美麗的櫻花紋給人帶來春季來臨的心情。 櫻花給人們一種春天的華麗,但卻又給人一種生命容易消失的感覺。

看著綠泥的壺壁喝茶慢慢的把心沉澱,綻放的櫻花透過眼睛帶給自己元氣 讓我們在忙碌的生活中,找回一點點的寧靜

I received the item today. Very beautiful and exquisite teapot, this teapot has a high craftsmanship. It exudes extraordinary mood. The beautiful cherry blossom pattern carved on the modest dark green teapot brings mood of spring. Cherry blossoms give people a splendor of spring, but they also give people a feeling that life is easy to disappear.
Watching the decoration on the green clay  teapot and drinking tea slowly, it calms my mind, the blooming cherry blossoms bring vitality through eyes. It brings a bit of peace in our busy life. 
(Artist Shunen Page)

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