Japanese Teapot in Taiwan (Yusesn)

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壺身非常輕,小巧精緻。 壺蓋與壺身很貼合。整個壺由許多小稜面組成,加上紅色圈的點綴。 使用的人無論將壺轉到任何一個方向,任何一個角度都能夠欣賞不同的變化 透過光線能夠反射出不同的色澤 讓收藏者喝茶時慢慢地觀賞壺帶來的變化趣味。

The teapot body is very light, small and delicate. The lid and the body match perfectly. The whole teapot is made up of many small facets, with red circles embellishment.
No matter the person who uses it turns the pot in any direction, any angle can appreciate different changes. Different colors can be reflected by lighting/light.
Let collectors enjoy watching the changes and taste which the teapot brings while drinking tea.

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YUSEN Facet Nuance Color Marble Clay Teapot Green/ Red



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