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Joy to Look At, Use and Admire - Shunen Teapot (From  Netherlands)
Pleasure to Use - Jinshu Teapot (From US)
Developing a nice sheen (A year use) - Reiko Teapot (From US)
All types of Japanese green teas come out beautifully - Reiko kyusu (From US)
Junzo Black Gold Teapot + Taiwan Black Tea!(From US)
Japanese Teapot in England (Kato Seisho)
Japan Jinshu Teapot + China Taiping Houkui (太平猴魁) Tea (From Switzerland)
Woow woow woow! Japan Suzu Black Pottery & Jinshu Teapot (From Switzerland)
Beautiful and wonderful to use - Tokoname Hakusan (From Australia)
Absolutely stunned by the beauty - Reiko Teapot ( From Germany)
Piece of art, Simply wonderful - Jinshu Teapot (From Czech Republic)
I fell in love right away  - Hokujo Shiboridashi (From Switzerland)