Teapot-Making Techniques as "Intangible Cultural Properties" of Japan

Intangible Cultural Properties

Tokoname teapot masters' Teapot-Making Techniques are protected as "Intangible Cultural Properties" by Government

There are 6 masters whose teapot-making techniques have been designated as Intangible Cultural Properties by Tokoname city of Japan, under the law for the Protection of Cultural Properties. Those masters are listed as below.

▶ Technique: Handmade-Teapot ( Kyusu ) by Potter's Wheel 

Reference: Japan Cultural Heritage Online

 Technique: Hand Carving Decoration 


Important Intangible Cultural Properties (Living National Treasure)

The national government designates especially significant Intangible Cultural Properties as "Important Intangible Cultural Properties".

▶ Tokoname-yaki (Kyusu)

  • Yamada Jozan Ⅲ (1924-2005) designated at 1998 

Yamada Jozan Ⅲ is only and first "Important Intangible Cultural Properties" in Tokoname.

Yamada Sou is a grandson of Yamada Jozan Ⅲ, who is Inheriting the beauty and the tradition of Yamada Jozan (family).



About "Intangible Cultural Properties"

 "Intangible Cultural Properties" refers to stage arts, music, craft techniques, and other intangible cultural assets that possess high historic or artistic value for the country. Intangible Cultural Properties consist of human "technical artistry", embodied by individuals or groups of individuals who represent the highest mastery of the techniques concerned.


Quoted from the following page : 
Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

Introduction to Cultural Properties of Japan

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