Japanese Teapot in Taiwan (Housei)

(Customer Message)

這是最期待收到的一件收藏,僅僅只是放在燈光下慢慢的欣賞窯變的顏色就能讓我感到滿足。 作者利用顏色的分層再用雕刻花的裝飾,讓整個作品看起來更豐富~連壺蓋的底部都有作者的雕刻 整個壺完全融入了作者的工藝及心血,令人激賞。


This is the collection I am most looking forward to receiving. Just putting it under the light and slowly appreciate the Yohen* color gradation (*changing colors made by fire/flame during firing in a kiln). It make me satisfied. The author uses the layering of colors and the decoration of carved flowers to make the whole work look richer. Even the backside of the lid has the artist's carving. The entire pot is fully integrated into the artist's craftsmanship and effort, which is admirable.


Artist HOUSEI's page

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