ChaYou Tea Company President Share His Tea by Himself


I participated a tea workshop of ChaYou tea company, held in Tokyo.

He brought some tea leaves from Nagasaki for the workshop to entertain customers in Tokyo. 

What is most interesting moment of tea for me is tasting tea listening tea story from the grownor/maker. Today the moment came.

SHIH TEAPOT SHOP sells some of tea leaves from ChaYou tea company(Asatsuyu & Yamagiri).  Some of customer repeatedly give us order of their tea. All of their tea leaves are high quality and has wonderful taste.

The president cares tea plants well, produces tea leaves and blends and fires with very detailed techniques.  

We share some of photos from the workshop.


Saemidori Cultivar (Single)
Vivid green, sweet, soft, mild with certain pleasant bitter aftertaste.

ChaYou home made sweets 

Hoji-cha made with Ten-cha and stem. Soft sweetness and gentle roasting aroma fill the mouth. 

Leaves and stem of Ten-cha. Ten-cha leaves are to make Matcha.

ChaYou homemade rice cake with red bean - take before Matcha.
Homemade food taste touch my heart. 

It is not easy to prepare tea and sweets for gathering and bring from Nagasaki to Tokyo. I appreciated it so much.

Creamy Matcha- Leaves were steam & pan-fried.

ChaYou homemade marmalade were given to all the Participants as present. It was made from ChaYou's garden in Nagasaki. Amazing..

Thank you very much for reading.

Asatsuyu tea and Yamagiri tea are made by the president. They are great. Please try and enjoy it.

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