SHIHA Selects! 2022 Japanese Green Tea "Yamagiri" 7bags (100g)

SHIHA Selects! 2022 Japanese Green Tea "Yamagiri" 7bags (100g)

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Yamagiri (100g) 7bags

======About Chayou's Yamagiri======

High quality and many customer love and buy repeatedly.

Yamagiri tea is made of spring soft tea leaves . It is made only from the first picked tea leaves. Leaves that are well grown and thick are used and the compounds in the leaves are dense. Taste is thick and very harmonious. Enjoy well-balance of sweetness and bitterness with fresh high grade aroma.


CHAYOU Tea company located in Sonogi, Nagasaki Japan. 

ChaYou's Asatsuyu Tea won top honor  of The Japanese Tea Award (Nihoncha Award) out of 400 tea leaves in Japan in 2014 & 2018.

Good tea is produced from good tea garden.

ChaYou tea company takes care of their tea plants (tea gardens) very well, monitoring status of tea plants everyday carefully and take necessary action timely and appropriately to make "good quality". 

Report of the Award (Asatsuyu Tea / for reference)



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