[Mix 7a] Asatsuyu3 Yamagiri 2  Irika2 Japanese Green Tea
[Mix 7a] Asatsuyu3 Yamagiri 2  Irika2 Japanese Green Tea
[Mix 7a] Asatsuyu3 Yamagiri 2  Irika2 Japanese Green Tea
[Mix 7a] Asatsuyu3 Yamagiri 2  Irika2 Japanese Green Tea
[Mix 7a] Asatsuyu3 Yamagiri 2  Irika2 Japanese Green Tea

[Mix 7a] Asatsuyu3 Yamagiri 2 Irika2 Japanese Green Tea

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This page is for Asatsuyu 3 bags + Yamagiri 2 bags + Irika 2 bag

  • Asatsuyu(100g)  3 bags
  • Yamagiri (100g) 2 bags
  • Irika (100g) 2 bags

Total 7bags


Please enjoy this “High Grade Japanese Green Tea”.

===About Chayou's Asatsuyu ===



This tea has rich sweetness/umami with elegant bitterness
Pleasant soft sweet & marine note.
It bring long aftertaste.

Straw covering on tea plants - tea leave absorb good smell of straw and make the tea leave have good aroma. 


Straw Hat Covering

Organic and Traditional method of making "Quality"

Straw covering gives good effect to flavor and aroma. And leaves become softer.
It increase elegant soft sweet aroma and umami. You may feel layers of flavor and aroma in the tea. - which simply means produce rich, deep, elegant taste - it is so enjoyable feeling and aftertaste.

Chayou's Asatuyu tea is served in the Most Luxurious, Relaxing Cruse Train in Japan 

This tea was selected by JR Cruse Train The Seven Star  and it is served to passenger in the train.

The Seven Star Train

Profile of the Tea Leaves (Asatsuyu Tea)

 “Asatusyu” – it is name of tea and also name of cultivar. This Asatsuyu tea is blend of Asatusyu cultiver (major cultivar) and other cultivars. CHAYOU makes rich and  harmonized flavor with high blending techniques.

Category: Japanese Green Tea (2022 spring tea)
Name given by the Grower: Asatsuyu (it is also name of cultivar)
Grown in: Nagasaki Prefecture
Location Based Name: Sonogi-cha (Area Brand Name)
Method Based Name: Tamaryoku-cha
Grower: CHAYOU
Cultiver: Blend of Asatsuyu, Okuyutaka, Saemidori 
Cultivation Remarks: Shading with Straw before picking to enrich Umami/Amami
Method: Steam -Rough Roliing – Rolling – Mid Roling – Drum Dry – Dry
Heating: Deep Steaming (Long Steaming)

Tamaryokucha’s shape is curly, which is formed in Drum dry process.

Photo of Aasatusyu, please visit this page


===About Chayou's Yamagiri===

 Yamagiri also tastes good! High quality. Many customer love and buy repeatedly.

Yamagiri tea is made of spring soft tea leaves . It is made only from the first picked tea leaves. Leaves that are well grown and thick are used and the compounds in the leaves are dense. Taste is thick and very harmonious. Enjoy well-balance of sweetness and bitterness with fresh high grade aroma.

===About Chayou's Irika===

Complex aroma - Green Fresh aroma, plus, roasted aroma.

Green tea with Hybrid heating (pan-fried and steaming) to halt oxidation. Due to the pan-fried, the tea has special toasted aroma, which can make you addicted to this tea. (It is not roasted-green tea, which is roasted after completion of green tea making process)

Chayou uses Hybrid heating machine, which is newly introduced in Japanese tea industry. Enjoy amazing aroma and harmonious taste which is made from Chayou's well-cared and well-controlled tea garden and  first class method with most recent machine. 

When we (SHIHA TEA) serve this tea to our guests, all of them amaze with the aroma and take the tea to their home. Even to Japanese people it tastes/smells new.

===About CHAYOU ===

CHAYOU Tea company located in Sonogi, Nagasaki Japan. 

CHAYOU's Asatsuyu Tea (this tea) won top honor  of The Japanese Tea Award (Nihoncha Award) out of 400 tea leaves in Japan in 2014 & 2018. 

Report of the Award


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