Gratuity Link
Gratuity Link
Gratuity Link

Gratuity Link

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We have received comment from customer wishing to send gratuities to SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP. And we have created this link.

We greatly appreciate your kindness and support of our store.

In this item page, 1000 JPY of gratuity can be send to us.
If you would like to add more, please change the quantities.
To use PayPal, please visit PayPal page in our website.

Exchange Rate (How much is 1000 JPY in your currency)

How to send / How to adjust amount

First add this Gratuity Link to your cart and proceed to Checkout.
You can directly make payment for 1000JPY. In case adjusting (adding) amount, please change the Q'ty.

Please make sure total amount you are going to send us before in checkout page.

In case you would like to use PayPal, please visit the following page.

Thank you very much.