Beautiful and Unique Chinese Teaware (Hand-paint)

Beautiful, charming, unique, blending traditional and modern Chinese elements. Jingdezhen (Porcelain town of China) tea ware. 
This product will be safely delivered to you by our partners in Beijing, China. 
Please contact us for more information.

Conditions of Sale:
For customers who have previously purchased teaware from our store.
For the time being, we will be selling under these conditions.
Thank you for your understanding.


The displayed amount in Japanese yen (JPY) is for reference only. When placing an order, the amount will be converted from Chinese yuan (CNY) to Japanese yen (JPY) at the exchange rate at the time of the order.  Shipping fees is not included.

Panda Gaiwan: 1925 CNY + Shipping Fee (Approx. 43000 JPY + Shipping Fee )

Rabbit Teapot: 3400 CNY + Shipping Fee (Approx. 75000 JPY + Shipping Fee)

Tiger cup: 2150 CNY + Shipping Fee (Approx. 47300 JPY + Shipping Fee)


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